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Internet Café Simulator 2 Mobile

New version 1.7

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Provider: Cheesecake Dev, Cocopo

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About the game:

Cheesecake Dev has released Internet Café Simulator 2 mobile, a business simulation game. It offers a better user interface and game mechanics than the previous edition of the Internet Café Simulator. As a result, you can expect an exciting gaming experience full of adrenaline challenges and one-of-a-kind prizes. You must own an internet café and generate money in this simulation game. It does, however, present a variety of tasks, like battling thugs and visiting strip joints! This variety is essential because it avoids the possibility of boredom. The gameplay elements of the second game in the series are far more sophisticated and unique. You must establish a fantastic internet café. You don’t want your money to be stolen by street thugs and mobsters. They may even detonate a bomb inside your café. You can draw more clients on rainy days. From the tech tree, develop the talents you wish. Will you be a business whiz or a brawler defending his Café? It’s up to you to work and earn money in order to repay your brother’s debt. Keep your guards up. Make meals for your customers. Install backup generators in the event of a power loss. Computers should be improved. Licenses for video games can be purchased. Make your clients pleased. Make a lovely café into a shambles.

Internet Café Simulator 2 mobile for Android and IOS:

In the second installment in the series, the amount of complexity and variation in gameplay is astounding. There is a plethora of Internet café goods at your disposal. Criminals on the street should not be able to take your money. In addition, a bomb may be detonated in your coffee shop. You should expect a larger flow of customers on wet days. Use the technology tree to get the skills you require. Who would you rather be, a thug or his Café? In Internet Café Simulator 2 Mobile Download, it’s up to you to pay off your brother’s debt. Maintain vigilance. Make a menu for your customers and present it to them. Activate the generator in the case of a power loss. Improve the performance of your PC. a license for internet-based video games Ensure that your customers are happy. Convert the remains into a café. We’re back with fresh software or a game that incorporates a lot of newly added features. For more trustworthy information, you may use this article to search the official website of this program as well as the Google Play Store. His character is sound, so he may go about his business as normal. You may also consider starting a shady company. Consider hiring staff for your coffee shop and making sure they are well treated. The more I consider it, the more I find myself pulled to it. It feels more like a real-life experience while analyzing the game’s visuals. It’s also possible to detonate explosives in your café. You should expect a larger flow of customers on wet days. It is vital to use the technological tree in order to develop the abilities you wish. You must decide if you want to protect your café as a businessman or as a street thug. The game begins with the following: My brother owes me money, and I must work to repay him! Place a Protector on the table. Make a menu for your customers and present it to them. Activate the generator in the case of a power loss. To get the computer fixed. Game Obtain a license. Ensure that your customers are happy. Convert the ruins into a great bistro.